Monique Hiskens
Initial Phone Consult (10-15 Mins): Free
Initial Family Meeting (90 Mins): $150.00
Child Therapy Sessions (60 Mins): $120.00
Parent Feedback Sessions (60 Mins): $120.00

I have worked within the mental health field for both NGO and DHB services for the past seven years and recently became fully qualified as a child psychotherapist through PBANZ. My areas of interest involve working with mothers and infants in repairing relationship difficulties and post-partum struggles. I am also passionate about helping children who have difficulty in communicating or understanding what is creating an inner struggle for them, and I feel that child psychotherapy can be very effective in understanding the confusing and confounding aspects of health

My approach involves relational child psychotherapy informed by psychoanalytic and psychodynamic theories. By utilising a range of specific play materials, the child is encouraged to gradually express parts of their inner self and develop a therapeutic relationship both verbally and non-verbally. Within this relationship, connections can be made between the therapist and the child's whānau to better understand the nature of their conflicts and difficulties.

Child psychotherapy can be effective for a range of presenting challenges, including anxiety, low mood, difficulty sleeping, anger, loneliness, grief, somatic complaints, ASD diagnoses, adjustment difficulties, separations and trauma. This work is suitable for children aged 5 - 15 years however dyadic work with children younger than 5 may be possible with consistent participation from a parent or caregiver.

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