Child Therapy

We love our kids. There is nothing we wouldn’t do to protect them from harm and eliminate their suffering. Sometimes, we are at a loss as to how we can help and that‘s when we need to ask.

One of the biggest concerns I hear from couples is the impact their relationship breakdown is having, or may have, on their children. Sometimes, it can be the other way around too with a child or children who are adding stress to the couple’s relationship.

The team at Relationship Rescue recognise that couples’ relationships do not operate in isolation. They are part of an integrated system we call "family". What effects one person effects all. In family therapy we call this a “Systems approach” and we work with a family to bring a better dynamic between all the “systems” involved. Sometimes though, we have to recognise that our kids might just need someone to talk to who is outside the family.

Kids are super sensitive to staying in connection with and keeping the approval of their parents. Their survival depends on it! Children are also very ego centric, which means they can think everything is about them, which in turn can lead to them thinking they are the problem or the cause of your relationship problems, especially when they don’t know what is going on and are just picking up on the energy in the home. It’s very important, therefore, that they have someone they can talk to who will be able to help support them, help them communicate their needs and concerns with you and help them do so without risking a break in their relationship with you.

That is why we have specialist child therapists working in our team along with a purpose built child therapy room to work from that is part of the Relationship Rescue hub offices at Haven House. Here, the children can explore their feelings and difficulties through sand tray therapy, figurines, creative expression (painting, clay, drawing etc.), dolls house, soft toys and a huge blackboard wall they can write on (because sometimes feelings need a big wall for expression!) The room opens out onto the enclosed private garden, so there is also an opportunity on nice days to work outside in nature, which has been found in the research to immediately lower stress hormones and improve relaxation. It’s a safe environment that is completely child friendly.

So, if you have any concerns about your kids, whether it is related to your relationship or something else like school bullying or anxiety, contact one of our fantastic child therapists: