Janine Bird
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As a specialist relationship counsellor and the Director of Relationship Rescue, I’ve been incredibly lucky. Lucky to support thousands of couples to repair their relationship or build an even stronger relationship. Lucky to support people in unhealthy or unhappy relationships to amicably leave the relationship. Lucky to build a community of specialist relationship counsellors to help people across New Zealand build good habits in their relationships.

Registered Practitioner
Registered Practitioner

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However, I’ve also been unlucky. I’ve experienced an extremely unhealthy abusive marriage myself – including extreme financial abuse in which my partner controlled all the finances and used them as a controlling technique and means to keep me trapped in the marriage. This was so bad that it still impacts on my life today. Because of that experience, I really understand abuse dynamics, what it takes to get out of an abusive relationship, and how the abuse continues after separation through various means, including using the family court system.

Today, I’m passionate about helping other people avoid the trauma that I went through and build only healthy relationships. That may mean helping you develop tools to bring energy and fun back to your relationship, repairing extensive damage in relationships, enabling you to effectively parent together, improving your sex life, helping to successfully remove abuse from a relationship, supporting you to leave an abusive relationship, or helping you amicably end a relationship that isn’t right any more.

Here’s what I can promise from us working together:

  • Practical and non-cringey tools
  • Solution-focused problem solving
  • Real talk – no counsellor mumbo jumbo!
  • Work through parenting issues and conflicts
  • Improved sex life
  • Build a conscious loving connection
  • Revolutionise your communication
  • Remove heated conflict and teach you how to disagree lovingly
  • A tailored approach for individuals and couples, because no one size fits all.

Regardless of what you need, it’s all about finding win-wins for everyone involved – regardless of gender, background, or experience – and making you feel seen, heard, and cared about.

With over 25 years experience as a counsellor in the UK, USA, and New Zealand, I bring a scientific, evidence-based approach to relationship counselling, giving you the practical tools to work on yourself and your relationships. I firmly believe that healthy relationships are the key to all sorts of problems – both personal and societal – so why not come find out how to make your relationships healthier?

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