Individual Counselling

Every relationship, whether romantic or otherwise, can benefit from relationship counselling – but it isn’t always easy to get both people into therapy. Individual counselling helps you look at yourself and those around you to discover the things that might be getting in the way of having healthy relationships.

With personal counselling through Relationship Rescue, you’ll be able to:

  • Develop tools to improve your relationships
  • Identify whether a relationship is emotionally or financially abusive
  • Build resilience to leave an unhealthy relationship, if necessary
  • Deal with depression, anxiety, grief, trauma, and other forms of mental illness
  • Get support through workplace challenges, including bullying or career change

You deserve to have healthy relationships – with your partner, your family, your friends, and yourself. At Relationship Rescue, we’re not here to judge or to ask annoying questions that you could have answered yourself. Instead, we take a scientific, evidence-based approach to give you practical, proven ways to improve your own mental health so that you can stop coming to counselling and start enjoying healthier relationships.

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