Noelle van Thiel
Per Hour: $150.00

In my native country of The Netherlands, I worked in family and criminal law for over a decade before living all over the world in Belgium, Switzerland, Dubai, and Thailand. After settling in New Zealand, I knew I wanted to make a real difference and provide service to others. I became a Lifeline volunteer counsellor, which nurtured a real love of counselling in me and led me to become re-qualified as a counsellor.

Since then, I’ve become specialised in dealing with addictions, anti-social personality disorders (and helping people heal from relationships with people who have these personalities) and building strength and resilience.

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I specialise in mindfulness based cognitive behavioural therapy and am passionate about bringing together the three aspects of life – mind, body, and spirit. I firmly believe that all three are intimately connected, and so my sessions could be described as a mix between life coaching, health and wellness coaching, and counselling.

To me, the ‘ingredients’ of successful counselling are:

  • Building your resilience
  • Feeling heard and seen
  • Feeling safe and supported
  • Experiencing a sense of belonging
  • Building a relationship of trust with someone who is genuine and reliable
  • Achieving win-wins for everybody involved

Counselling is all about helping you build resilience. I act as a mirror for you: helping you get to know who you are and work towards your passion while developing compassion for everyone around you. I’m not there to give advice, simply to help you make your own decisions. If you’re ready to work on your mind, body, and spirit to build resilience and improve your life, then feel free to get in touch.

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