Magdalena Krejcova
Couples Session: $290.00 (90 Min) GST Incl
Individual Session: $175.00 (60 Min) GST Incl
Relationship Intensive Session: $750.00 (6.5 Hours) * GST Incl

We are wired for connection from birth. Relationships give us so much joy, meaning and stability. They can also be incredibly painful and rock our whole world. Relationships are possibly the most complex and challenging pursuit in our life. I have been fascinated by the human mind and relationships for most of my life. I spend a great deal of time understanding and discovering what makes us fulfilled and successful when it comes to relationships.

I have been dedicated to assisting clients to reach their true potential over the last 15 years, across various populations and issues. Currently I focus on individual and couples counselling. I am committed to help you to grow your relationship skills and to equip you to have the relationship you desire.

Here is how you can expand and transform your relationship while working with me:

  • Restore and deepen your connection. Increase and expand your understanding of yourself, your partner and the connection between you.
  • Understand existing patterns and processes in your relationship. Where do you get stuck and what to do instead? How our past experiences and attachment shape us and our relationships.
  • Manage difficult conversations skilfully. Increase your resilience and learn how to have difficult conversations without them turning into a fight. Understand and learn to manage your triggers effectively.
  • Boost your Emotional Regulation. Create greater awareness of your emotions, the foundation couples need to connect effectively. Find non-destructive ways of handling anxiety, anger and fear.
  • Effective communication. Learn communication that nurtures love and connection and what to avoid. Why safety is crucial in the relationship and how to restore it.
  • Healing relationships ruptures. Loss of trust, affairs, lack of commitment. I offer you a journey of healing and building a future that works for you.
  • Learn the fundamental principles for successful relationships. Gain a greater understanding of relationships, how they really work and what really makes them successful.

My aim is to gently guide you towards creating a more conscious and intentional relationship - the state when we tend to experience the most alive and joyful connection with each other.

* Relationship Intensive Session can be a highly effective way to address your situation faster than week by week counselling. These are not suitable for all couples – please contact me to discuss if the Intensive Session is the best choice for you. The Intensive Session can be held on also Saturdays (surcharge of $100 applies), via Zoom or in person in Henderson.