Couples counselling

Most relationships succeed or fail on the strength of habits. Couples with good habits are usually successful, while couples with bad habits inevitably fall apart. At Relationship Rescue, we empower you to find simple solutions to bad habits – utilising easy tools to turn those bad habits into good habits. With couples counselling through Relationship Rescue, you’ll be able to:

  • Learn how to disagree in a healthy way
  • Get tools for better communication
  • Build your connection again
  • Improve your sex life
  • Build good, healthy habits to avoid falling back into old patterns
  • Stay in those good habits through a regular ‘Relationship WOF’
  • Find healthy ways to end a relationship, if necessary

According to the movies, couples therapy is all about arguing for an hour every week while a counsellor looks on. At Relationship Rescue, we’re not at all keen on listening to you argue! Instead, we take a scientific, evidence-based approach to give you practical, proven ways to improve your relationships so that you can stop coming to counselling and start enjoying a healthier relationship.

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