Carol Thomson

Carol became a licensed hypnotist almost 30 years ago. She has continued her education over the years in England, Australia, and America.

Carol is a licensed clinical hypnotist and a phenomenal Clinical Rapid Transformational Practitioner. She is dedicated to enhancing all that is healthy and positive in people by helping clients to eradicate destructive beliefs and reprogramming the mind with empowerment of thoughts to create an extraordinary, beautiful life from DNA to surface skin and beyond.

Carol emanates unconditional love and light. She is profoundly direct, getting straight to the root cause of the issue while remaining loving, empathetic, and supportive.

Carol helps people own self-love, their expectations, their minds, and their beliefs in themselves and their choices. Her work is guided by the core principle that we are directed by our beliefs, and we are the director of our thoughts. Carol has decades of experience in transforming clients into the healthy, loving, strong people they desire to be and feel. 

She believes wholeheartedly in the power of the mind and particularly in the powerful healing effects of clinical hypnosis. Carol was diagnosed with early-onset heart disease and scheduled for surgery, but she used modalities within clinical hypnosis to heal herself, and the surgery was cancelled. This is the power of the mind. Believe in yourself as Carol believes in you!

What do you want to improve in yourself? Carol will work with you to achieve the optimum “You.” 


To make an appointment send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

(Please put in the subject “Hypnotherapy session with Relationship rescue” so your email does not get missed in junk)