Costs vary depending on the counsellor, but they generally begin at $130/hour and go up depending on the experience and specific expertise of the counsellor.

Individual sessions last 1 hour.
Couples sessions and sex therapy sessions last 1.5 hours.
Relationship Rescue sessions (for when your relationship is in crisis and needs a jump start) last 2.5 hours.

Several of our counsellors do sessions in the evenings, and a few on the weekend, but these get booked up very quickly.

If you do need after hours sessions, we’d recommend booking out a few in advance so that you can keep the momentum of your sessions going.

That depends on what you count as success!

We focus on finding win-win solutions – so that could be keeping a couple together, with them both feeling seen and cared for, or it could mean ending a relationship amicably (which is especially important when kids are involved).

About 80% of the couples that we work with decide to stay together and continue growing a stronger, healthier relationship.

Absolutely! We’re happy to conduct online sessions, even if you’re both in different countries. The cost is the same as a regular session.

No. We cannot provide counselling services through email or text message. We can arrange sessions via Facetime or Skype, contact us for more information.